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"Adam Mace represents, for me, one of our brightest emerging voices in the American theatre today. He is trusted and respected by all those who work with him. This is because of his genuine love for what he does and the respect that he gives to those he collaborates with. He is a true activist who speaks truths about the world we live in through his art. His work creates new bridges and dialogues. He is an innovator and leader who helps carry our industry into the future. I am truly inspired by his art but more importantly his discipline to his craft. He is determined to give back to the American Theatre all that it has given to him and more.

- Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj

  (Award-Winning American Theatre Artist & Activist)


"The secret as to why Adam is such a great Director and Coach is that he journeys with an actor to get to the deeper meaning of work. His tireless dedication and focus to whatever he is directing is inspiring."

- Christian Lee Branch 

(AUDELCO Nominated Actor and Playwright)

"Adam's coaching gave my work clarity and direction. He helped me build my brand, understand my art in the broader context of the theater, and most importantly, to trust and enjoy the process."


-Jesse Regis


"Adam brings his skills as a writer, director, and performer to the table as a coach. He uses this insight to see the performance from every angle. My work has greatly benefited from my time with him and I look forward to many more sessions to come."


-Paul Wilt


"Adam Mace is a difference-maker. His work is a testament to this. He brings out excellent and emotionally driven performances from his actors, some with little to no previous experience. I can personally say that Adam will not only improve on your acting abilities, but change who you are as an actor for the better, through both his appreciation for the art and his appreciation for the human spirit." 

- Elliot Sang                                                                                                     

   (Actor/University Student)

"Working with Adam Mace is an experience every actor who's pursuing a serious career in acting should have. He is honest and willing to push you to levels you didn't know that you could reach. I'm a better actor for working with him"

- Amanda Gillespie 

   (Actor / University Student)

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